Couple Sessions

Mikael and I worked together as couple therapists for thirty years. Read more on About Curmans and About Gestalt. We both agreed that this kind of work was the most meaningful. A couple that is able to sustain their love, to be alive and healthy, influences not only the life’s of their family but also the whole of their work environment and society in general. Unfortunately, when a couple in different ways distances themselves from one other, their influence is a similar way negative.

In my practice of today, I bring with me everything that we as couple therapists developed together. After all these years I know what Mikael would have said and shown in different situations as I sense his presence in the moment. This means that I have widened my ability to identify with different perspectives. This mutual living from each other’s perspective is the key to be able to create a sustainable and healthy couple relationship.

When couples contact me, they are usually more or less in a crisis, so the crisis is of course our first focus. However, their situation is at the same time an example of how their relationship is built concerning communication, structure and individual needs and vulnerabilities. Working with these aspects of their relationship gives the couple a greater awareness and the strength to better face future difficulties. I successively bring in the theme of their respective life views. Although it affects daily life quite a lot, many couples don’t share their different perspectives. I find it essential for everyone who wishes to create sustainable and loving relationships.

When working with couples there is a need for ample time, for each to get their individual space and that there is enough time to work through the situations. A couple session is therefor 2 whole hours. This is also how we start our first appointment. Then we decide step by step how to proceed. Along the path I sometimes meet them individually one or two times and later as a couple again. These are things we plan together.

Before our first appointment we agree on the fee.