Small Group Sessions

For decades Mikael and I worked with Gestalt therapy in groups.  At the time we did several groups each year and we were happy to notice that many clients did benefit from this kind of work. One of the reasons was that they realized that they were not alone having difficulties in life. They were able to develop more of self love as they were mirrored by other participants. This can only happen when the leadership is done from love. In my practice of today, I no longer do this kind of group therapy.  Some of my colleagues continue the tradition.

Under the title Small group session my thought is to create a peaceful environment for those who wish to deepen their soul journeying through sharing with others. Earlier I have been offering this as a follow up to lectures of my books. Otherwise this kind of offering is under preparation.

Together with close colleagues within this field  I will during the coming May and June 2019 stay for six weeks in Mallorca. Our purpose is to develop methodology concerning Soul Journeying for small groups and seminars. We share a foundation in this at the same time as we have developed different skills. So I will  advertise offerings further on.