Individual Sessions

Since forty years, I have been working with individual therapy based on Gestalt therapy. Read more on About Curmans and About Gestalt. This approach means, besides dialogue, that I through focus in the now assist my clients to become aware of senses and body signals. This is important as profound change can only happen in the now moment and I use this to support my clients to make conscious choices in their lives and to take responsibility for their choices.

One of the roots of Gestalt therapy is Zen Buddhism which concerns, among many things, how change actually happens and the process immediately follows. The step from personal to soul development comes quite naturally from this foundation. Everything is connected.

Now in the later part of my professional life, I have chosen to scale down my clinical practice in favour a more personal engagement level. My clients usually come on recommendation. This means that they already have made their choice concerning my profile and approach. I mostly work with clients who wish to deepen their existential focus. During the first appointment we find out if what the person wishes is in alignment with my possible contributions. We also need to find out when and where to meet etc. If we are not a good match, or I do not have availability, then I can always refer to colleagues I know well since many years.

I usually work in 90 minute sessions and we will agree on the fee before our first appointment.